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Innovative Courses

For one or two weeks, students will embark on an exciting learning experience with traditional teaching methods put aside. Instead, each participant will be encouraged to use their initiative to solve problems and overcome challenges through their participation as both a leader and a vital team member. Students will choose courses that most interest them from the following subjects:

Drama, International Relations, Debate, Journalism & Creative Writing, Marketing/Vlogging, Introduction to Business, US History, and Web Design.

Students will master one subject per week, spending three hours per day in a classroom setting consisting of no more than 18 students.

Camp Golden Gate is proud to offer a variety of dynamic and relevant courses that focus on Technology, Health, Science, Business and The Humanities. The diversity of the curriculum aims at developing a learning environment that will allow the students to become well-rounded and more knowledgeable about the global world in which they live.

It is REQUIRED that any student taking the following course: Web Design, must bring a laptop in order to take part of the course.

All courses are taught in American English by native speakers from the USA and fluent English speakers. A lot of summer camps advertise that their courses are led by native speakers, which often ends up being not the case. Camp Golden Gate is committed to its clients and always delivers on its promises. Finally, it is imperative to highlight that all courses will not focus solely on grammar, but instead more on social skills, creativity, and on the student taking an innovative approach.


This course will introduce to students to debate, which is a form of public discourse; it is a formal direct oral contest or competition in argumentation between two or more people on a defined proposition at a specific time. Students will learn the entire structure of a debate, how to conduct a successful debate. They will also learn that basic debate styles vary widely in terms of their format, time limits for speeches, the order of speeches, and how arguments are presented.

Why you should take Debate? Debate provides experiences that are conducive to life-changing, cognitive, and presentational skills. In addition, through debate debaters acquire unique educational benefits as they learn and polish skills far beyond what can be learnt in any other setting. At the very least, debate helps learners to see the power of deploying rational, reasoned arguments and compelling evidence in action. It enables them to elucidate their standpoint through utilizing rhetorical eloquence. It instills in debaters a great sense of poise and confidence. It teaches them the skills of researching, organizing, and presenting information in a compelling fashion.



The students learn about the major driving forces on the international scene and how they interact with one another. They explore fundamental concepts in international relations, political, socio-economic and legal, and apply them to current affairs around the globe. Also, students will learn major theories of international relations and apply them to understand international situations and issues in the modern world. At the end of the course, the students impersonate an international organization to model impactful decision-making.



Welcome to the world of business! This class introduces business concepts and skills students need in today’s competitive environment and why entrepreneurship is such an important component of any business. Problem-solving becomes a crucial element in this class as students examine current business issues. The class covers how businesses operate and help students understand the many fundamental ways in which business affects people and society—by shaping the kinds of occupations they will pursue and the careers they can expect. Included in this course are several business areas – finance, accounting, operations, management, business law, and global markets – how these areas connect to each other and how they relate to the world in which we live. Students will also learn about the actual activities involved in creating goods, services and profit, and why some companies seem to be more efficient or are more profitable than others.

The way business work is evolving. Students at Camp Golden Gate will get a fresh perspective on how startups work and how anyone can do it. It is all about ideas and execution


This course provides a basic foundation for further study in marketing. Students study economic functions at work in the marketplace, marketing functions including purchasing, pricing, and distribution functions. This course is based on the business and marketing core that includes communication skills, economics, financial analysis, and promotion. Furthermore, this course will take a great deal of focus on the art of vlogging and how is use in the modern marketing platform. Students will have to work in groups to produce vlog to promote a product or service.


Journalism & Creative writing

People have always depended on the mass media to spread the word about events and people of interest to the general public. This course introduces students to the fascinating world of print and online media. Law, ethics and the history of journalism will complement the major units of study: reporting, writing, editing, photography, advertising, design, management and teamwork. Students will encounter various article formats and work towards developing their voice using various writing styles.

The majority of the course will help you to develop and improve your writing in a variety of styles and formats for a range of different mediums. Voice, tone, syntax, vocabulary, structure, and editing techniques will all be addressed in a writing workshop atmosphere. By the end of the course, you will be able to: have a better understanding of the general skills needed to be able to communicate in either the print or online media. A particular emphasis is placed on writing, while touching on interviewing, reporting, reacting and synthesizing, to understand the legal, moral, and ethical responsibilities inherent in the free press. Additionally how to polish a piece of writing in an attractive, inviting manner – including headlines, graphics, imagery, and much more.


Web Design

This course is a hands-on dive into Website Design. It's created to introduce the students to design in a practical and useful way and provide essential knowledge in the sphere of website creation. Students learn about the major principles of graphic design, user experience, front-end development, marketing and communication design, and responsive design, and apply them through the creation of their own websites. Additional topics that are going to be covered are typography, static and dynamic websites, color theory, web accessibility, and search engine optimization. At the end of the course, the students present their finished projects.

Web Design


HOW TO (Uncle Sam Gives Historical Advice)

In this course, the students will be introduced to 5 great historical figures and events (one for each day of the course). They will find out which qualities and actions made those personalities so great.

For instance:
HOW TO be diplomatic: how FDR mediated between arch-nemeses Churchill and Stalin

Then, by analyzing examples of this historical personalities’ decision-making, students will learn to apply their approach to situations they are facing in their lives.

At the end of the course, the students will be divided in groups of five and given one historical event from those mentioned during the course. The students’ task will be to choose one of the five historical figures (without telling the rest of their group who they have selected) and resolve the situation in a way they think this historical personality would have. Then, the students will be asked to find a common approach to the situation not through impersonating historical figures, but through striving to be diplomatic, courageous, peaceful etc., like those historical figures had been.

USA History
drama drama_2


The purpose of this course is to develop and synthesize advanced elements of theater arts into final production using various media, techniques, and processes. Some of the main concepts that will be learned include without limitation; acting and characterization, improvisation, theater terminology, movement, vocal production, auditioning and casting. Upon completion, you will be able to: demonstrate the use of advanced acting techniques, improvisation, and character analysis to reflect internal and external qualities of a character, as well as the period, style, and culture of the production. Developing and understanding the cultural and historical influences on dramatic forms, using vocal, classical, and contemporary techniques to portray the physical, emotional, and social dimensions of characters from various genres and media. Understand how actors, directors, and designers create and refine dialogue and stage directions that convey the playwright’s intent, and so much more.

Interactive LearningActivities & Excursions


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