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Frequently Asked Questions

As a parent sending your child abroad or far away for three weeks, it is perfectly normal that you would have some concerns and questions for us to answer!

We have provided answers to all of the common questions we get asked. If your questions are not listed below, please email the team at Camp Golden Gate on

Can my child travel alone?

Yes, your child can travel alone. However, they must have a notarized form from their parent/s allowing them to travel alone to participate in the camp. Camp Golden Gate will work with the parents to help them process the proper paperwork needed for your child to be able to travel alone.

Does my child need a Visa to travel to Bulgaria?

The need for a visa will depend on the laws between Bulgaria and your country of origin. You will need to consult the authorities within your country of residence. They will be able to advise you exactly what you need to travel to Bulgaria.

Does my child need to have medical insurance while they attend Camp Golden Gate?

Yes. Every camper must have valid health insurance while participating in Camp Golden Gate. Proof of medical insurance is mandatory. Please contact your local insurance agent to make sure you get the right type of insurance for your child.

Are campers allowed to bring their mobile phones?

Yes, all campers are allowed to bring their phones with them; especially if they are traveling alone. During courses, afternoon activities and evening activities campers will not be allowed to use their phones. They are more than welcome to use their phone during their breaks and downtime.

What is the minimum level of English required?

Each camper must have a basic level of English to be able to communicate with others and participate in their courses and all activities.

Can two friends or relatives be in the same room?

Some of the most rewarding aspects of a summer camp are for the individual to make new friends and improve their English. Having a friend in the same room will most likely hinder the campers from expanding his network of friends and practicing their English. For this reason, we do not place friends or relatives in the same room. However, if parents would like to request for their children to be in the same room with a friend or relative, then parents of all parties involved will need to send Camp Golden Gate a written request. Our objective is for the children to feel comfortable in their new environment; even if it means for them to be in the same room with a friend or a relative. Where possible, we try not to have students that speak the same language in the same room. This will depend on the volume of people at enrollment.

Who will provide help to a camper if they get injured or ill?

There will always be a doctor on site. He will be the first point of contact in case of a medical emergency. Depending on the situation and the nature of the injury or illness, the doctor will follow the necessary protocol and determine the next steps. In the case of any injuries or illness, the parents will be notified immediately.

What about if my child has special dietary needs?

Camp Golden Gate provide wholesome food tailored to promote healthy eating habits. We will be serving a lot of greens, vegetables, salads, and fruits. If your child has a special dietary need or any food intolerances, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate their needs.

Does the camper need to bring any medication with them?

This will depend on if the individual has a medical condition that requires them to take medication. If so, then yes, the camper must bring their own medication supply. The doctor on-site will be notified as well. The venue is equipped with first-aid boxes to meet with most minor medical needs.


Would there be a laundry facility on-site for my child to wash his clothes?

There is no laundry facility on-site. However, Camp Golden Gate will arrange a local laundry service on a weekly basis. The cost of this service is the responsibility of the camper.

Will the camp be posting any pictures of the campers anywhere for us to see?

Yes, we will have a professional photographer throughout the term of the camp, and we will post these pictures on our website, and our blog and social media pages. This element will be addressed in more detail within the terms and conditions when you register their child. We will also take group pictures and email them to the parents at the end of the camp.
If you object to pictures of your child being used in this way and want to request that we do not use photographs in this way, please get in touch with us via our email address and we will action accordingly.

Is there any memorabilia or mementos available?

Yes! Each student will get a welcome package with a beach back, a t-shirt, a pen, a notebook, and sunblock all branded with our logo.

If my child loses their mobile phone, will there be a facility on-site for them to be able to phone home?

Yes, The hotel has phones with the capacity to call home, and the Camp Golden Gate team will also have phones with international calling capacity.

If campers are expected to pay extra for their laundry, how much will this cost roughly?

The cost a single load of laundry is around 3 Euros.

What other things might a student need money for?

Only for extra spending, such as shopping at local stores, or buying extra snacks. The cost of four meals per day is included and covered for within the costs already.



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