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Kamchia Complex is a Black Sea coastal resort on the northern length of the Bulgarian coast. It is located 25 km south of the Center of Varna in the municipality of Avren and lies north of the mouth of the river Kamchia. It is mainly made up of “rest bases”, which are mini-resorts made up of large hotels, individual villas and bungalows. In the vicinity there are also a functioning fishing village and the remains of a military outpost.
The Kamchia river is a 191-kilometre (119 mi) river in eastern Bulgaria, the longest river on the Balkan Peninsula to flow directly into the Black Sea. It starts from the confluence of two rivers springing from Eastern Stara Planiana, Gloyama Kamchia (itself formed by the confluence of the rivers Ticha and Vrana) and Luda Kamchia, flows eastward to the Black Sea and empties into it 25 km south of Varna, by the Resort of Kamchia.
Kamchia was declared a reserve in 1951 by the Ministry of Forests and in 1977 it was included in the global network of biosphere reserves as a part of the program “Human and Biosphere” of UNESCO for protection of the most representative ecological systems on the planet. The dense forests along the lower valley of Kamchia river are especially valuable to the reserve.


The Sea Capital of Bulgaria

Varna’s origins date back almost five millennia. However, it wasn’t until seafaring Greeks founded a colony here in 585BC that the town became a port. The modern city is both a shipyard and port for incoming freighters and the navy. It is also a Riviera town visited by tourists of every nationality. It is a superbly cosmopolitan place and a nice area to walk through too. Baroque, turn-of-the-century, and contemporary architecture pleasantly blended with shady promenades and an attractive seaside garden.


Interesting Facts About The City of Varna

City Of Varna

Near the port of Varna, the oldest gold treasure in the world (dated from 4,500BC) was found In 1972; an ancient necropolis with 280 tombs and 3,010 golden objects were located weighing over 6 kg altogether. This historical jewelry is displayed inside the Archaeological Museum, along with Greek, Roman and Ottoman antiquities. According to experts, it is the oldest processed gold ever to be found in Europe.

Today, Varna is the largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It is a major tourist destination, a business and university center, and seaport. Because it is a close neighbor to the popular coastal resorts of Golden Sands, Chaika, St. Constantine & Helena, and Albena, Varna has a quirky, yet cosmopolitan atmosphere. Varna is also the host city of numerous prestigious cultural events.

The city itself is nestled in the Bay of Varna, in a deep valley between the Frengen Plateau and the Avren Plateau. The city’s structure resembles an amphitheater as it follows the curves of the Bay of Varna and is surrounded by gardens, vineyards, and groves.

Varna lies on the same latitude of the famous Atlantic Resorts Bayonne and Biarritz in France, on a large, flat and high terrace on the northwestern most curve of the bay which just 7km inland.


Golden Sands

At about twenty-five kilometers from the sea capital of Bulgaria – Varna you can find a little paradise where rare combination of dense forest, rivers and sea greet you with natural beauty. This unique nature known with its sonorous name Kamchia reminds you of Jurassic Park because of its green diversity. Unique dense forests in the Kamchia reserve combined with the vast dunes of the protected area make this nook of the Black Sea coast, situated between Varna and Burgas, a great place for relaxation, recreation and sports..

The reserve is named after the Kamchia River along which this protected area is situated, right by the Black Sea. The area around the mouth and lower course of the river is remarkable for its variety of habitats – unique flooded forest called “longoz”, wide beaches with sand and dunes and old riverbeds. The total area of the protected habitats in the reserve, together with Kamchia sands protected area, adds up to 1,220 ha.

Kamchia is a small and peaceful resort. Unlike Sunny Beach and Golden Sands, it does not offer many hotels for many tourists. It is not crowded and it’s a perfect destination for people that are looking for a rather calm, safe and quiet vacation.



Hotel Complex Longoz is one of the most beautiful and comfortable hotels in Kamchia resort complex. One of the many facilities on-site is a sanatorium, while the heart of the hotel is the atrium – space that unites and connects all floors. The beach is covered in gold sand, along pure water.

Hotel Longoz is a five-story building with contemporary style and design. The rooms have all the facilities: private bathroom with shower, TV, refrigerator, wireless internet, fire detectors, SOS button, hairdryer in the bathroom, balcony, air conditioning. Hotel Longoz also has classrooms fully equipped and conference rooms for the use of our educational program. Furthermore, our campers will have access to Olympic-size swimming pool, gym, indoor track and field, football, volleyball, and basketball courts, a park with resting areas with benches, cinema concert halls, mini golf course, bowling, and more.

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Individuals will have three full meals per day - breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks throughout the day. There are many options to choose from which include various specialties of Bulgarian, European and American cuisines. Juice, water and tea are available with meals. One of the restaurants is located on the 5th floor and can seat 220 people and the summer terrace has capacity for 130 people.

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