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Embracing an experience of a life time that will help children to think in a critical manner.


A selfie of  how passion led campers around the world became one happy camp family at Camp Golden Gate

Passion led us here

Good education has no borders and no limits because learning is a process of constant changes.

Freedom of Choice

A fun summer environment at the Black Sea that is bound to put a smile as big as the Golden Gate


At Golden Gate Camp we connect people so they can realize how differences are beautiful and combining many ideas create one big great idea

Celebrating Diversity

Through Educational, fun learning, and team building activities children around the world become one happy summer camp family.

A fun and safe environment

the american
and excursions
and values
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American Camp
Unforgettable adventures at Camp Golden Gate are the core of an interactive International Summer Camp

Shaping the Leaders of the Future

Come and experience a diverse, fun, and interactive summer camp. We bring students together from each corner of the globe to be part of the ultimate diversity experience. Camp Golden Gate creates an environment that delivers an equilibrium between mind and body, fostering intellectual learning with a broad range of multi-functional activities, aimed to keep you smiling and having fun throughout your time with us. We know all too well that learning a new language is so much better when you are having fun and making new friends

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Passion let us to be create a positive educational environment with a focus to enhance the English language of the campers.

Led Us Here

Leave the books at home! Get ready to be captivated by a learning style that encourages you to embrace your ideas while giving you the freedom to develop a unique point of view. The core focus of the camp is to foster the new leaders of the future. The team at Camp Golden Gate strive to enhance your knowledge of the English language and will introduce you to a range of subjects and ideas that will completely captivate your interests. We give our students complete control of what they learn, and when they learn it.

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The Summer Camp Experience that believes in fun learning through providing innovative courses that are on trend!

of Choice

Each student chooses two courses that they are passionate to learn more about and also, every day they select an afternoon activity to join every day. Camp Golden Gate has put together a dynamic curriculum that emphasizes subjects that give you a versatile knowledge and transferable skills which can be applied to many classes and situations back home. For example, a Journalism and Creative Writing course will enable students to have more confidence when writing with different purpose. The Introduction to Business course will help students get a better understanding of the basic principles about how they can be part of the global market. We believe in giving our students the Freedom of Choice.

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A fun summer environment at the Black Sea that is bound to put a smile as big as the Golden Gate
and excursions

Adventures in the
Dutch Forest

Think you’ll be bored? You won’t! Our activities and excursions are bound to knock your socks off! Get ready to be immersed in a place and time where you’re allowed to be yourself and to do the things that genuinely put you in a happy state of mind. Maybe on Monday, you’ll feel like spending time at the lake and getting to know your new friends. On Thursday you might choose to go to the sports center and play soccer. Then, at the weekend you may want to chill-out, relax and have a great time with your fellow campers.

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and values
The International American Camp fosters its participant's passions for believing that they have the ability to dream big, and to network with other children with their own culture and costumes. Diversity is beautiful.

Celebrating Diversity

One of the core values of America is its vast multicultural diversity. At Camp Golden Gate we celebrate diversity because it makes us better people and a more wholesome society. Cultural diversity helps us recognize and respect “ways of being” that are not necessary our own. During their time at Camp Golden Gate and through their interaction with campers from many different backgrounds, our students get to recognize of the abundant diversity of cultures, value what other cultures offer, and acknowledge the validity of different cultural expressions and contributions. Furthermore, a diverse environment teaches our campers to not only tolerate but to celebrate the differences in others.

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The Black Sea offers the ultimate camp experience through its abundant supply of venues and activities

A Fun and Safe Environment

Goodbye Winter, hello Summer in the Netherlands! Do you want to experience the California camping vibe? Imagine the summer breeze warming your body as you enjoy an afternoon of water sports with many new friends. Later, you head back to your camping house, just a seven- minute walk from the lake, where our friendly staff is waiting to welcome you. Relax in your room in a two-story cabin house. On the second floor there will be rooms with 6 to 8 beds, and on the first floor, multiple shared showers, bathrooms and a kitchen with tables and chairs. Heino has a heated indoor pool, a recreational lake, a climbing tower, a sports center, a pony trail, and much more! You will always have plenty of choices to keep you smiling and having a great time. No stress, just pure fun. And even better, your lungs will be filled with clean air; your lungs will be very happy!

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