Praise for the "Face of Summer Camp" Finalists for Their Drive, Talent and Passion

On December 15, 2017, Camp Golden Gate launched the Facebook competition “The Face of Summer Camp”. A campaign intended to give a voice to teenagers and express their personal views and impressions of the benefits of being part of an international American summer camp. The campaign has become a huge success, and a proof of that are the five videos created by the finalists.

These videos depict an individual unique point of view from each of the participants. More importantly, it emphasizes the tenacity, drive and talent of each of them. Camp Golden Gate could not be any prouder. 

Many campers from summer 2017 felt so strongly about the impact Camp Golden Gate had on them, that all five finalists are ex-campers. They are Kristina Baleva, Ivan Balchev, Hristina Bankova, Hris-Mimi Slavova, and Ekaterina Petkova. They all are true winners no matter who ends up winning the completion. Each one of them put their love and passion in the creation of their videos. 

All of them had different approaches to displaying Camp Golden Gate. For example, Ivan used pictures and his personal narrative, Kristina Baleva used a dynamic skit with a sales approach, Hris-Mimi Slavova utilized poetry and the Bulgarian scenery to emphasize the concept of an international family, Ekaterina Petkova focused on a symmetric structure through the use of advanced graphics that highlighted the activities of the camp, and finally Hristina Bankova used a more unscripted and informative approach. 

Even though each finalist had a different vision of the way they presented Camp Golden Gate, their main thesis was the same -- Camp Golden Gate promotes diversity, creativity, friendship, collaboration and empathy, which are our core values at the camp. This proves to us that not only do we say we embrace our values, but we implement them every day and see them reflected in our students and that allows Camp Golden Gate to truly be the ultimate summer camp experience in The Black Sea. 

You can see the five videos here: 

Ivan Valchev

Kristina Baleva

Hristina Bankova

Hris-Mimi Slavova

Ekaterina Petkova


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