How to Be a Real and True Friend? Written by Bibi

What does it mean for you to be a real and true friend? Do you think that you can be this kind of friend? Do you think that there are true friends? How can you become a true friend? What do real and true friends have to do and why?

It's really important to have a true friend, who is always there for you. When you're in trouble he or she has to be there for you, even when you feel sad, angry, mad or even happy. Friends must be by your side. It doesn't mean that you don't have to do the same things. No, you have to do the same things and even try to do something more. First to find a real friend, you have to show them that you are also this kind of friend. You have to show that you care about your friend by respecting them, loving them, and sharing in their feelings. That's why friends are for. You have to show your friend that they can have your trust and you have to keep their secrets. You might be a bad friend If you start blaming them for everything. Maybe you don't realize that you feel like nothing is your fault and you are always right and everything wrong is because of them. And NEVER only spend time only when you need something, because that is the rudest thing you are doing in our friendship. You have to think how they feel and that maybe sometimes you are saying things that may hurt more than knives. Yeah, you may argue from time to time, but that's alright. It's natural. You have to know when they're serious and when goofy, because this can make you into fight. Make your friend feel wanted, for example to say the words ,, You are such a good friend". ,,I like hanging out with you so much". You don't have to be together 24 hours and you both need space. Be honest with your words, because that helps to the friendship. If you did something bad to your friend, then you have to learn how to apologize. And don't even think that you're gonna swallow your pride or something. You have to start saying yes to your friend and also make more time for them.

It was a pleasure for me to take some interviews from people from the Camp Golden Gate. And I invited Nicole from Bulgaria.

“For me, It means to be together in bad and good days. I think that I can trust people and people can trust me. In the Camp have really nice people and they are real friends. One person can become a real friend either you are or you are not. The real friend have to be next to each other and have to help each other.”

Then I had the chance to invite Emil from Denmark.

“For me It means that I can feel they can trust me and when I'm with them to feel happy. I can be a true friend, because I hope that there's true friend even when we talk about certain topics. I think that when you communicate with the others, you become a different person. I have to feel safe when I tell them a secret, they need to keep it.”

And then a big pleasure to talk with Boyan from Bulgaria.

“I will help my friend If he needs me, I will give some advices and I will always be there to help even for every mess. I can be a true friend and I have true friends, which are always next to me from years. I will be next to them when they are happy, sad, angry and everything. He have to do the same, because this is my characteristic and I want to see it.”

We can see that all the people have different opinions. But mostly, they think that the trust is the most important thing in friendships. If you trust them and they trust you about keeping a secret and you keep it, then that's a real and true friend. You have to care more for your friend and even sometimes, you can buy them food, gifts, no matter If they have a birthday or not. When you have time you can go to the cinema, shopping, swimming, go to walk, go at the clubs and everything you want. Be nice and careful to your friend, because sometimes you can hurt their feelings and there will be unforgettable moments. If you all do these things to our friends, then we can say proudly that we are real and true friends.



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