Timur and Peter's review of the newest Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales

Most of people in this world know an amazing hero, good friend and, of course, legendary pirate - Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp played this role perfectly in all 5 parts. People say that the 5th part is only the beginning of new, interesting, and unpredictable adventures.

The story begins with Henry Turner's search for his cursed father, Will Turner.

Action has continued after 9 years. Henry Turner follows the father and begins service on the ship. Their team found a cave in the sea and goes to look inside. Only Henry knew a legend about this cave and it’s name, Evil's cave: Captain Salazar, a man, who’s family was killed by pirates, decided to put an end to piracy and all pirates in this world. He served in the Navy and was a Captain of a ship and very successful in this deal. But, one time, in an ordinary fight with pirates someone, like Jack Sparrow used a deceptive maneuver to lure Salazar's ship in the cave and Salazar's team was killed. Today people say that undead Salazar's team and Salazar want to revenge on Jack Sparrow. Henry tried to persuade captain to not enter the cave. But Captain didn't trust him and Henry was locked up in cargo hold. When ship got close to the cave, Salazar's team suddenly appeared and killed all the people on the ship except Henry. Salazar saved a life to give a letter to Jack, that said he was going to kill him... It was begging of the great story, Dead men tell no tales.

We very enjoyed watching this part, because the plot was unpredictable, as I said, and the actors were amazing in their roles. Also, the musical soundtrack corresponded with all actions.


More about actors:

Jack Sparrow - Johnny Depp

Salazar - Javier Bardem

Henry Turner - Brenton Thwaites

Captain Hector (Barbossa) - Geoffrey Rush

Carina Smyth - Kaya Scodelario

Without a doubt, we think that this movie, is the most successful movie of all 5 parts. But the next part will have a great chance to be better than this one. It will be associated with the 3rd part and the negative hero, David Johns.





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