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Mission and Values

The mission of Camp Golden Gate is to bring the American Summer Camp Experience to the Black Sea. It pledges to inspire teenagers to create together, to collaborate, to think outside the box and to learn from each other, placing a great value on respect within a multicultural environment. It strives not only to bring students the best interactive learning environment, but also to become a platform on which everyone freely develops their own voice, ideas, and a unique point of view.

We bring The American Experience to your child for significantly less than you would pay for a ticket alone to the States. All of our class instructors will be American and English native speakers. The instructors are made up of a diverse group from different parts of America, each with their own history and who have a broad skill-sets, exceptionally experience and a hands-on, collaborative approach to instruction.

The values of Camp Golden Gate will offer campers a myriad of opportunities to develop themselves in a multicultural setting, allowing them to understand the true meaning of collaboration and respect.


The birth of ideas: Helping campers evolve their unique point of view by cultivating their environment and frame of mind. It is OK to dream. It is OK to “think outside the box.” Don’t be afraid to set elevated goals!


An individual approach creates, but a team innovates because when many ideas are put together, it allows for a more refined solution that has taken into account many points of view. When the students create together, they are learning the basic principle of the global market: many ideas combined can lead to the next big thing. When the campers collaborate in groups, they are promoting an open dialogue that is marked by challenging each other’s ideas while treating each other with respect.


Understanding others and sharing feelings is a strength. The camp experience will allow students to develop emotional intelligence by making them more empathetic. When teenagers engage in a two-way exchange of communication, they are taking their social skills to a new level of maturity.


Make long lasting friends with other students from across the world. Camp Golden Gate gives students the one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet many other students that have a different background, culture, history, and experiences. This one of a kind multicultural exposure will broaden the identity and values of each camper to be a better person and a better student. Helping them to be the very best version of themselves.


Accepting that one is different is a good thing. Embracing others to be part of your life is a pot of gold. Understanding that people have various ways of thinking, that they express themselves differently and that those differences sometimes affect our worldview is no longer a novel skill but a requirement for success in today’s world. At Camp Golden Gate, campers will have the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone by only communicating in English, interacting with new people that have different ways of living and thinking. This experience will make them more tolerant and diverse.

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