Quality Education is a Right NOT a Privilege…

What do you do when a society faces the following Challenges?

  • 3% of teachers are aged below 35
  • 40% students at 15 are functionally illiterate, i.e. they are unable to apply in practice in daily life what they have learned at school
  • 22% of Bulgarian youth aged 18-24 are NEET (not in education, employment or training)
  • 21% of Bulgarian students fail to finish their secondary education
  • You do something about it. Teach for Bulgaria has taken upon the enormous task to address these issues from a grass root approach, which entails to “support exceptionally capable Bulgarians to become teachers in Bulgarian schools for a period of two years and long-term supporters of the cause of equal access to quality education”. 

    And Camp Golden Gate is proud to partner with an inspiring organization that believes that quality education is a fundamental key factor for societies to achieve stable economic growth. When you educate a nation, you empower them to be the best they can be.

    Camp Golden Gate has an educational curriculum that focuses on interactive learning through on trend courses and on social and team building skills acquisition through evening activities. Just like Teach for Bulgaria, Camp Golden Gate is passionate to improve the quality of education our children receive, because we truly believe that a safe and fun learning environment is key for the development of the new generations to come.

    Camp Golden Gate is also excited to contribute to the core values of Teach for Bulgaria by donating two scholarships to two students with limited resources. They will select two outstanding Bulgarian students that deserve the chance to be part of the Ultimate American Camp experience.  We can’t wait to meet these amazing kids and share with them the experience of a lifetime.



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