Empowering Teenagers is a Bold Statement

In today’s society, teenagers struggle a lot with self-confidence. They have a hard time expressing their ideas or voicing how they really feel.

Overall, they tend to feel powerless; lacking a sense of purpose. This anxiety of feeling powerless has increased over the past years as technology has given a platform to teenagers to loose human interaction and contact and instead spend hours behind a screen – almost like if they are afraid to show their emotions, their pain, their concerns, and their doubts.

As a result, the rate of depression worldwide and low self-esteem has increased considerably.  But not everything is lost when people and organizations with the vision to address this issue take active roles to find concrete solutions.

In Bulgaria, BEST  (Bulgarian English Speech and Debate Tournaments) Foundation has played an active role since 2013 to provide high school students an opportunity “to come together in a language-immersive and intellectual community, in pursuit of personal growth through English language speech and debate”.  They have become a visible and human contact-base platform that empower students to think critically, express themselves creatively, and engage in a wider global community.

Through their programs, BEST allows teenagers from all different backgrounds to “enhance their English Language skills, confidence, and leadership potential”. This is not only the core vision of BEST but also of Camp Golden Gate. We both believe that empowering teenagers is a social responsibility; it is the milk and bread of a healthy society. Teenagers are eager to be better people; they just need the right tools, mentors, and resources to evolve into individuals with values and a strong point of view that is based on a strong foundation. Camp Golden Gate and BEST are setting the tone of a foundation that relies on creating a dialogue of freedom among teenagers. They have spoken. We have listened. We are here for them!

Camp Golden Gate is excited to be partnering with BEST, because we both believe our collaboration can only make a positive impact on the lives of the Bulgarian teenagers. As a token of our support and vision of empowering teenagers, Camp Golden Gate will be giving to two of the winners of National Competition a scholarship for each of them to attend Camp Golden Gate for two weeks. We feel honored to welcome these two future winners at our camp, and look forward to them thriving not only as campers, but also as professionals in the years to come.




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