Zorana Perovic, Dental student from Belgrade, Serbia talks about her International Summer Camp

It was a long time ago when my mom mentioned to me that there is an International American summer camp in Bulgaria. It was a great opportunity to travel a bit and improve my English to a higher level, to study interesting courses – it was a Jackpot!

What was it like there? How did you spend your time?

Zorana: Since I was there for three weeks, I had to take three courses: Dancing classes, Writing Classes and Journalism. Each course was dynamic and completely different from each other. While I was improving my English speaking and writing skills in Journalism and Writing classes, I was physically active and had a lot of fun at the Dancing classes. As all the other teenagers, I was waiting for the free time activities where we had sports, parties, we could chill, have a small city tours, go out for some shopping or just chit-chat with other campers from all around the world. My favorite activities were when they took us to the Aqua park and to the parties (organized just for us from the camp, just to be clear). Each moment, course and activity during the camp was planned in detail and with a lot of precautions. For the afternoon activities and excursions we were accompanied by our teachers and now when I think about it, I’m thankful that we were in a such a safe environment.

What is your overall opinion about summer camps?

Zorana: I think that this kind of experience is a great way to become independent, more productive and improve your time management skills. Moreover, you become more aware of your weaknesses and increase your strengths. Apart from the courses where we learned a lot and improved our English, in our spare time, we had the opportunity to meet new people from different countries, talk about their amenities, ways of living, how they think and learn a little bit of their language. I can proudly say that during those 3 weeks in Bulgaria, I learned Bulgarian. By going on different activities and being together, we became very fond of each other. I can happily recall all the laughs, the traveling, our excursions and the free time activities. It was an amazing and memorable experience and I would recommend it to everyone.

In a nutshell…?

Zorana: I made amazing friends with whom I am still in contact. I’ve set my English to a much higher level and made great memories. I participated in this kind of camps two times and would do it again, and again, and again… But, unfortunately, I’m 24 years old now and we still do not have a time machine to take me back. However, I can always put a smile on my face and go back trough my memories of those amazing summer camps.


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