X Factor Bulgaria runner-up Bogomil Bonev on making theme song of Camp Golden Gate - "Passion led us Here".

We are very happy to have Bogomil Bonev, an ex-student of Jose Lomeli, Camp Director of Camp Golden Gate, record a theme song for Our Camp.

Read exclusive interview with Bogimil. He talks about his life, the upcoming release of a new album and much more...

Camp Golden Gate: Who is Bogomil Bonev? Tell us about your music journey.

Bogomil: I am a recording artist, songwriter, music producer and aspiring music entrepreneur. I have been involved in the music scene since I was a toddler. The first person to notice my love for music was my mom and I really want to give a big ‘’Thank you,mom!’’ for that. At the age of six I attended a vocal music group in my hometown, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Bulgaria, which I was part of for about 12 years. Then, when I was ten years old there was the need to progress even further in my music development so I started attending solo vocal lesson to hone my craft.

Throughout my music journey I have been involved in many contests, festivals, performances with live bands in a variety of musical events. One of my biggest personal and professional achievements up to date is getting the runner-up position in X Factor Bulgaria, 2011, at the age of 14. After the conclusion of X Factor Bulgaria Season 1, I got signed to Virginia Records/Sony Music and that experience combined with X Factor really opened my eyes for the industry itself. I was able to connect with so many people and fans that helped me realize how rewarding it is when the public recognizes your efforts and passion, as long as you follow you dreams and fight for them.

Currently I am studying Music Performance and Recording at the University of West London. Moreover, I am working on my debut album “Extended Play” that is due to be released in the summer of 2017. This short album is about my life experiences and my point of view. I feel many people will be able to relate to my story. I wanted to capture emotions of mine and share them with people, with you guys! All in all I am a person who never stops doing what he loves doing and I actually really enjoy it.


Camp Golden Gate: Bogomil, how do you know Jose Lomeli? And how has he played a role in your life?

Bogomil: The story about how Jose and I became friends is quite an interesting one. I was still in high school in my hometown in Bulgaria where everything felt so easy and secured to a great extent. When I was in ninth grade Jose moved to my hometown and was placed as an English teacher through the Peace Corps, a volunteer base organization that in short is making the world a better place. He was my teacher for two years. One of the most unique things about Jose as a teacher is that he makes you think about what you know and to not only saying it for the sake of saying it. He then transferred that into our friendship, he provoked me to reshape the way I perceived things and my way of thinking and approaching life became different as a result. It could not have been better, being in such a small town and having a person like Jose, it was simply precious. He has helped me become more open-minded and look deep into myself so I can discover a deeper meaning about who I am and where I am heading to.


Camp Golden Gate:: Tell us why you decided to partner with Camp Golden to sing and produce the theme song for the camp: Passion Led Us Here?

Bogomil: It all started with a Facebook call actually. I was having a chat with Jose and he mentioned that he was working on launching an American summer camp in Bulgaria, and that he was searching for a theme song: one that pinpoints the beauty of the camp. He told me that he would love it if I could be the person performing the song and asked me if I would like to do it. I’d love to say that firstly I felt really honored that he was asking me that because this is a serious thing. Organizing a summer camp and bringing people together from different places in the world requires courage. I then felt excited and grateful that I was provided with such an opportunity to create something meaningful and relatable to many people. I was not in a doubt for a second and said to him "I would love to do it." I decided to be a part of the initiative because it is something I relate to. I have been part of a summer camp and know how memorable it could be, it exposes you to so much in every aspect and it is a great opportunity to meet people from anywhere, so positive and uplifting. I am a positive person so it was a great fit for my personality. Together with a friend of mine from Birmingham whose name is Preslav, we created the track  ‘Passion Led Us Here’. A very important fact to be mentioned that people probably have not expected is that Jose actually wrote the lyrics for the song.


"Passion Led Us Here"

Camp Golden Gate: We understand music is your life. Do you think the song Passion Led Us Here has a strong message? What is your opinion about this message?

Bogomil: I think that the song is very positive, just like the summer itself. It carries motivation and inspiration in itself and pushes you to your limits to take chances and live your life irrespective of any doubts and fears you may have. It almost sounds like a call for action. I feel that the message of the song is quite unique and captures the essence of the camp that makes it so impactful.


Camp Golden Gate: What you will tell to the children of the world if they have not decided to join Camp Golden Gate?

Bogomil: Don’t wait! You have been presented with an amazing opportunity not only to learn, but also to see new things, to meet new people, to discover yourself and become more open-minded. The team creating this experience for you is amazing and you are in really good hands. If I had to choose if I wanted to attend the Camp Golden Gate I would jump straight into it. So, come, join, take a chance, feel life and most importantly have fun!


Camp Golden Gate: Why do you think Camp Golden Gate is the best choice for children to spend their summer?

Bogomil: I somewhat answered this question in my previous answer but what I can add is that Golden Gate Camp is a camp you have not been to. It is a great event in a great place, with amazing food, amazing people, just like YOU! If you want to have a different summer full of great moments and a lot of knowledge this is the place for you!


Camp Golden Gate: What do you think will be benefits for children that will be part of Camp Golden Gate?

Bogomil: Children will be exposed to a whole new world with creative, like-minded people that they can learn from and get inspired by. It is an omissible chance to develop yourself and become a better person and if your friends are wondering about the way you think they probably do not understand the real meaning of being open to the world. Every person that is planning to come to the camp is a fortunate one for the fact he/she realizes that education is the greatest investments of all. You will get a lot out of it and your effort will be worth it in the long run.




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