Partnering with "Varna - European Youth Capital" to create Varna Media Youth Academy.

Camp Golden Gate and "Varna - European Youth Capital" worked together to encourage people to become more active and interested in the different Media communication channels, and to learn about the best practicies within the Media field.

Camp Golden Gate’s courses are built on the idea of interactive learning and encouraging young people to become more interested in trendy areas such as Journalism and Creative writing. While the traditional style of passive learning relies on a student listening to a teacher's lecture or rote memorization of information, figures, or equations, teachers at our camp encourage campers to come up with ingenious ideas and develop transferable and practical skills needed for future work and academic achievements.

Having similar ideas with “Varna European Youth Capital” team, Camp Golden Gate partnered to create the Varna Youth Media Academy, which purpose is to encourage young people to become proactive and increase their interest and involvement in public relations, marketing and traditional and digital medias.

With our brilliant American teachers – Joe Ilk and Jake Barkemeyer, and the professionals from different Media areas that came as guest lecturers – Spas Spasov, Dimitar Stoyanov, Albena Miroshnikova and Anton Lukov, we can happily say that this endeavour was a success! All of the participants in the Media Academy thought that the classes they took a part in were worthwhile their time, and many of them learned not only different PR methods or how to conduct interviews, but also how to put their creative thoughts into words. Many of the students said that they would love if there were more academies or similar courses that they could participate in.


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