Partnering with likeminded organizations to empower teenagers!

Quality Learning should not be a privilege but a RIGHT!! We've partnerd with BEST Foundation and Teach for Bulgaria to inspire children and help them to embrace challenges as a natural process of success.

For several months, we’ve been partnering with two organizations (Teach for Bulgaria and BEST Foundation) with the clear idea of helping teenagers to become better.

Teach for Bulgaria’s mission is to train and support capable Bulgarians who would like to teach in various parts of the country and help children to enjoy quality education, regardless of their financial situation, home town or village, race or religion. While Teach for Bulgaria is approaching the serious education problem that Bulgaria faces through teachers, BEST Foundation is an organization which provides English-language learners the opportunity to come together to freely express themselves, and think critically and creatively about various up-to-date global problems. Also, known as Bulgarian English Speech and Debate Tournament, the organization’s goal is to create a big community of coaches, teachers and students, where all could form meaningful relationships and contribute to the successful future of Bulgaria.

We, at Camp Golden Gate share the same thought that empowering teenagers is a social responsibility, that it is the “milk and bread of a healthy society”! This is why we’ve collaborated with Teach for Bulgaria and BEST to give away scholarships to those eager develop new skills, connect with people from all over the world, and become successful individuals. We’ve received many inspiring essays, most of which were written in impeccable English and showed the students’ values and motives to come to our summer camp. However, after careful consideration, we’ve decided that several students slightly distinguished themselves from others.

We would like to thank everyone who took a part by submitting his or her essay, and to ask you not to feel discouraged from not winning one of the scholarships. We believe that there is a very bright future in front of you, especially with so many passionate people standing behind organizations with only one goal in mind – EMPOWERING TEENAGERS!



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