Happy International Day of Happiness

In 2012 the United Nations(UN) declared March 20th to be celebrated as the International Day of Happiness.The idea is to recognize that happiness is a fundamental part of people's lives and to encourage countries to develop public policies to improve the well-being of all people.

Many say happiness is a birth right to everyone, but what is actually happiness, and can we measure it at all? Certainly we have our ups and downs, but happiness is more than "feeling good all the time". Happiness is crazy mixture of one's feelings, emotional states, sense of meaningful purpose in life and healthy relationships. These ingredients are always changing as our life is changing and our mood fluctuates. This is why happiness is not a "final destination". And the question "Are we there yet" doesn’t apply for happiness.

Younger generations are often asked fundamental questions, because there is wisdom in the simplicity of their answers. In the video bellow 3 brothers are asked what it really means to be happy. Their answers are as much insightful as they are adorable.


“Do what you want to do”, “being loved” and “everyone to be happy” were some of the answers they gave and they couldn’t be more right. Especially the one where they recognize the fact that everyone deserves to be happy.

Camp Golden Gate believes in the freedom of choice and tries to inspire teenagers to put others happiness next to their own. In addition to our mission and values, we encourage our students to savour life’s small pleasures and help our students  find their place in today’s society.



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