Drita School and Camp Golden Gate - Enriching Education Together

In the USA, there are more than 10,000 camps. Summer camps are part of the American culture and are viewed as a complementary education tool and not as a replacement for formal education. On the other hand, in Europe as a whole, the summer camp culture is relatively new.

Many parents view summer camps as “vacation” outlets or a continuation to formal education.

Historically speaking, at the Black Sea there have been for the most part two kind of camps: Adventures camps or English Grammar camps. The first one focuses on offering a great vacation experience and the second one focuses on formal education.  In general terms, one camp focuses on the body and the other one on the mind. Camp Golden Gate, focuses on both! However, our focus on education is not on formal education but on an innovative education platform that does not intent to replace formal education but to empower students to use their skills in real life settings. We give students the freedom to choose what they want to do. We allow their creative mind to explore and learn form their experiences.

By no means, innovative or interactive learning is new, or not used in schools in Europe. Many schools, like Drita School in Sofia, base their learning curriculum on interactive learning. Drita School believes that ingraining confidence in students is the path for them to succeed.  For example, one of the students is given the freedom to mentor and educate younger students through cooking classes. By allowing this student and many others to focus also on personal goals, the students are empowered and motivated to follow their dreams. With passion, mind, and heart everything is possible.

In the morning of March 22, 2017, the Camp Golden Gate Team gave a presentation to high school students of the private Drita School in Sofia. We were warmly welcomed by the Academic Manager - Antoaneta Kalenderova. During the presentation Camp Golden Gate Team was excited to see that not only the students were engaging and interested in the vision of Camp Golden Gate but also the teachers and staff. The people who work at this school are passionate about teaching and enriching the lives of their students, just like Camp Golden Gate is passionate to offer the best camp experience to its students. Many teenagers after the presentation showed great interest in being part of Camp Golden Gate because for them our camp is not replacement to the great education they get in school but instead, a great opportunity to strengthen their passion on subjects they like, make new friends, and be part of an international setting where they will all learn from one another.


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