Camp Golden Gate gives new perspectives

One of our campers from 2017 shares in her own words how Camp Golden Gate makes us more open-minded.

by Bibi Marinova

Every person in this world thinks differently. Minds take a lot of decisions to fight with reality. However, at the camp our minds felt as one.  As if all of us were connected to each other.

Here everything was entirely different. I felt that I was in another dimension with better people. Camp Golden Gate is the place where people from all around the world, with different nationalities become one big circle with lights which will never fade. Everybody is open-minded, energized and ready to make new friends and of course always ready for entertainment.

Camp Golden Gate develops students' self-esteem and ability to present in public.

Even from the first day I came to the camp, everybody was really nice to all of us, they didn’t care about how we look or from which  nationality we are. This place actually changed a part of my thinking. Before the camp, I was thinking that all the people are the same and that when they see someone from a different nationality, they start hating this person. I had these thoughts, because most of the people from my town and my school are that type of people. We are humans, we live and learn.

I knew that something will change, if I go to this camp. And it really happened. Camp Golden Gate showed me that not everyone is the same. Not everyone is thinking in the same way as the others. If we want to have a peaceful, creative and successful life and we want to see the same things from the people around us, we must first show them respect. We must show them that we are all born humans with dreams, goals and we have our freedom.

To own this freedom, we need to be respected, appreciated and also loved. Because we are all humans, we are all born with two legs, hands and every  parts which all humans contain. When people make fun of someone, that person can change, even on the inside.  And that’s a shame. Why when somebody is different the other side needs to hurt them and dislike them. Yes, we are born to be real -- not everyone has to like us.

Why should even this hate start, if there is not a reason? Some people around the world are hated, because they are not from the same parts of the world as the others. Does this even make sense? Just because someone from one nationality did something awful, it doesn’t mean the humans from the same nationality will do the same thing. And still many say "Oh, these people are very bad, we must hate them." But when somebody hates us, we don’t feel comfortable. People just judge from the outside before they see the inside and that’s very sad.

I’m thankful to everyone in Camp Golden Gate, because they showed how humans should react, they demonstrated that all people must be respected, that hate should not even exist. We all should be like a united nation and help each other no matter where we are coming from and what gender we are. I believe now that the world has more good people than bad and if we all sign to the better side, most places in the world will as great to live in as Camp Golden Gate.


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