Education is a core mechanism for economic and social development…

When I was born, I was somehow put in a specific geographical area, but it was up to me to get out of my comfort zone. I did this, and through this process I have met hundreds of people around the world who I still talk to and in some cases have worked together with on various amazing projects. No one wants to be alone in this world. As human beings, we seek connections with others because it fills our loneliness with memories and emotions.

Since I was 18 years old, I have committed myself to become a better person by traveling the world. I live by a simple motto:

One must travel to as many countries as his age, or more, to feel the bliss of humanity.”

My biggest goal now is to focus on projects that will improve the education of the youth by helping them expand their access to diversity, knowledge exchange, and innovation. After all, I truly believe that the best way to develop a country or a community is through education.


Through the scope of my life, it was ingrained in me several core missions and values that now I have transplanted to Camp Golden Gate: the best results happen when people work together, whatever you do you must have a sense of passion and commitment, any kind of work or challenge can be overcome when you are having fun through the resolution process, take a risk and go with it, the best human value we have is our freedom to think, act and inspire others, and finally, inclusion is not an act of bringing people together but it is an attitude of respect for the diversity of others.  



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