7 Signs showing that an International Summer Camp is what you need this summer!

One of the best ways of having an amazing summer where you can have fun, meet new people, try new things, challenge yourself, learn new skills and many more is to go to a Summer Camp. International Summer Camp?? - even better. Check out if you've got some of the signs showing that Summer Camp is what you need this summer!

1.Your best friends are often gone with their families on summer holidays and you stay home for the summer.

Have you ever had a summer during which many of your friends were gone on holidays? Many of us have experienced that, and I can tell you – it is terrible. You feel like you are left alone and you hope the summer ends faster so that you can see your friends at school. Yes, you read that right “hope that summer ends faster”. No one should hope for that!


2.You want to make friends with people from other countries and get to know their culture.

Have you travelled to another country,  met interesting and different people? Many have, but have you spend several weeks with likeminded people from each corner of the world? The experience is amazing. You learn a bit of their language, they learn a bit of yours. You come to understand more of their culture, their way of thinking. This experience can totally change your worldview.


3.You want to face your fears and do things you’ve never done.

Have you ever wanted to do something, but you felt that you can’t, that you are afraid, or that you will fail? At summer camp you become confident, and can understand your fears. You'll be taught that failure is another word for “on our way towards success”.


4.You want to become more independent while your parents know you are safe and don’t worry about you?

Our summer camp is tailored in a way that can help to develop courage, tenacity, leadership skills and become more independent. What is more, we don’t only focus on our interactive courses but also on student's free time and evening activities. You won't only improve your English at our camp, but you'll also explore and become awere of your weaknesses and improve your strengths. We keep you in a safe and creative environment which purpose is to nourish your success.


5.You want to learn more skills, become a better team player.

The courses we have are made to trigger discussions, interaction and bring the fun side of learning. The skillset that you’ll have after the summer camp will amaze you.


6.Every summer you do the same things and it feels already kind of boring?

Summers mustn’t be boring! Our camp has prepared for you many activities, games and excursions so that every day is memorable and feels different.


7.Like others you want to have “that summer that I will never forget”?

You’ll laugh and dance; you’ll create many friendships; you’ll develop new skills; you’ll want to come next year! – these are the facts.


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