The first issue of "The Golden Times"

We are happy to announce that our first issue of the newspaper The Golden Times is now a reality. A BIG shout out to our brilliant students and Raf (the Creative writing and Journalism teacher), who made this happen! Click here to read the first issue

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Achieving our goals by partnering with "Varna European Youth Capital 2017"

In 2017 Varna was selected for "European Youth Capital" and was the first Bulgarian city to win this prize. The main objective of which is to make the city an international centre of attraction for business and young people.

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Partnering with "Varna - European Youth Capital" to create Varna Media Youth Academy.

Camp Golden Gate and "Varna - European Youth Capital" worked together to encourage people to become more active and interested in the different Media communication channels, and to learn about the best practicies within the Media field.

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How to Be a Real and True Friend? Written by Bibi

What does it mean for you to be a real and true friend? Do you think that you can be this kind of friend? Do you think that there are true friends? How can you become a true friend? What do real and true friends have to do and why?

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Timur and Peter's review of the newest Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales

Most of people in this world know an amazing hero, good friend and, of course, legendary pirate - Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp played this role perfectly in all 5 parts. People say that the 5th part is only the beginning of new, interesting, and unpredictable adventures.

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Camp Golden Gate

Would you like to be more creative? Creativity is learnable skill!

You might think that only some people possess the skill to be creative. However, many people around

Partnering with likeminded organizations to empower teenagers!

a { color: blue; }Quality Learning should not be a privilege but a RIGHT!! We've partnerd with BEST

Empowering Teenagers is a Bold Statement

In today’s society, teenagers struggle a lot with self-confidence. They have a hard time expressing

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