Coronavirus protection before summer camp

In a world full of warnings and worries about the emerging coronavirus threat, international summer camp Camp Golden Gate is here to dispel some myths and give tips on how to protect your family and ensure a safe and fun summer 2020.

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Camp Golden Gate supports Vox Tua

Camp Golden Gate proudly announces its support for the non-profit association in public benefit Vox Tua.

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Exciting Growth in 2020

In 2020, Camp Golden Gate introduces a plethora of improvements to its offering of summer camps to students and parents.

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The Significance of Culture

We have many focuses at the same time but there is one theme that underlines what we do at Camp Golden Gate – culture.

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Kristina Baleva: Becoming The Face of Summer Camp

Kristina Baleva, an ex-camper from summer 2017, shares her favorite moments with Camp Golden Gate and the challenges and joys of winning our online competition "The Face of Summer Camp".

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Camp Golden Gate

Would you like to be more creative? Creativity is learnable skill!

You might think that only some people possess the skill to be creative. However, many people around

Partnering with likeminded organizations to empower teenagers!

a { color: blue; }Quality Learning should not be a privilege but a RIGHT!! We've partnerd with BEST

Empowering Teenagers is a Bold Statement

In today’s society, teenagers struggle a lot with self-confidence. They have a hard time expressing

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