Praise for the "Face of Summer Camp" Finalists for Their Drive, Talent and Passion

On December 15, 2017, Camp Golden Gate launched the Facebook competition “The Face of Summer Camp”. A campaign intended to give a voice to teenagers and express their personal views and impressions of the benefits of being part of an international American summer camp. The campaign has become a huge success, and a proof of that are the five videos created by the finalists.

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Amazing Ex-campers Share Their Stories

Camp Golden Gate has been a big advocate for inclusion and diversity since it was established. In the spirit of embracing its values, Camp Golden Gate partnered with Teach for Bulgaria and gave five students scholarships to be part of Camp Golden Gate Summer Camp 2017.

We had the opportunity to interview three out of the five scholarship winners and ask them a few questions about their experience at Camp Golden Gate - Boyan Misliev from Vakarel, Bulgaria, 16 years old; Radi Tudjarska from Samokov, Bulgaria, 18 years old; and Bilyana Marinova (Bibi) from Kostinbrod, Bulgaria, 16 years old.

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The Future of Education and the Role of Summer Camps

Camp Golden Gate founder José Luis Lomeli discusses summer camps as a tool of empowering a more independent and organic learning process and the role they have come to play around the world.

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Camp Golden Gate gives new perspectives

One of our campers from 2017 shares in her own words how Camp Golden Gate makes us more open-minded.

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The first issue of "The Golden Times"

We are happy to announce that our first issue of the newspaper The Golden Times is now a reality. A BIG shout out to our brilliant students and Raf (the Creative writing and Journalism teacher), who made this happen! Click here to read the first issue

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