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activities and excursions

Unforgettable adventures at the Black Sea

Afternoon Activities

Sport related activities play a vital role in exercise, they also promote mental and psychological advances too

From Monday through Friday, after lunch, all students get to choose an afternoon activity that they would like to take part in. The students will be able to choose a different activity each day. Throughout the three weeks of the camp, there will be 16 different afternoon activities on offer. Camp Golden Gate prides itself on the broad range of afternoon activities that will target the personal interest of all students. These activities are a fantastic way for students to explore and develop lifelong skills through a healthy environment that promotes fair competition and teamwork. Learning not only occurs in the classroom but also through the activities. All activities will require the students to communicate in English, come up with strategies to perform well, and organically develop strong friendships with students from all over the world.

Beach Sport Activities beach
Bowling Bowling
Pool Party Pool_party
Music ice-skating
Arts and crafts arts_crafts
Yoga yoga
Dance dance
Tennis tennis
Badmington badmington
American_Football American_Football
Soccer soccer
Basketball Basketball
Volleyball Volleyball
Chess Chess
Photography Excursions Photography Excursions
Ultimate Frisbee Ultimate Frisbee
Cooking Cooking
Boot Camp – Fitness Boot Camp – Fitness

Evening activities improves confidence

Evening Activities

The goal of the evening activities is to improve the confidence, self-esteem, and creativity of all students through the principles of team building and teamwork

From Monday through Friday, 7 PM – 9 PM, all students will be divided into teams and paired with teachers and counselors. The objective of these activities is to bring the students together to accomplish a common goal. Each team member must find a way to cooperate and work together instead of doing their own thing. This is all about collaboration. Throughout the camp, the evening activities/games will help the campers to learn cooperation, improve communication and learn to trust others. Teens who have trouble with organization, planning, and adaptable thinking can benefit from watching how teammates approach problems. Those who struggle with social skills have a chance to practice working and communicating with new people in the form of peers. Positive interactions during team-building activities can boost self-esteem. Furthermore, students will understand through these activities that to be successful in life; one must know how to work in a team setting. There will be an emphasis on sharing and exchanging ideas as the key to personal and professional growth.

Ice Breakers Extravaganza Ice Breakers Extravaganza
Team Building Activities Team Building Activities
International Talent Show International Talent Show
Student Learning Presentations Student Learning Presentations
Disco Night Disco Night
Dancing Night Dancing
Movie Night Movie Night
International Picnic International Picnic
Holi Festival Holi Festival
Jeopardy Night Jeopardy Night
Creating Art from Trash Creating Art from Trash
Karaoke Fun Karaoke Fun
Photo Scavenger Hunt Photo Scavenger Hunt
BBQ and Game Night BBQ and Game Night
Relay Race Relay Race
Water Games Water Games


In the spirit of rewarding students for their hard work and to refresh their energy, on the first Sunday, students will take part in an all-day excursion. All the campers and the entire staff will go together to relax and enjoy a day of fun. The students will choose one of the following exciting adventures: Pirate Boat Adventure, Paintball and Karting and Jeep Safari Adventure.

Excursions Excursions_2

Pirate boat adventure

Sea battle between the two ships, animation program, pirate masquerade and entertainment, food and drinks on board. A good activity for a hot day. Shortly after setting out to the open sea, you will be "attacked" by another ship that fires upon you. You return fire (water cannons) and after battling for a while, 4 pirates will hold the other ship at gunpoint (fake guns) and "steal” your valuables. There are also contest games. You might have to perform singing or dancing to get our stolen goods back.


Paintball and Karting Adventure

Playing paintball is like chess. Requires intelligence and concentration. Strategy is extremely important. Teach yourself and find in your leadership skills. It strengthens your capacity for teamwork. Safety is our top priority. Thus, all the students will have Full professional equipment "Tippmann", protective mask, jumpsuit, marker carbon dioxide filler, professional instruction and a Referee.


Varna Karting is the largest track in Bulgaria. Approved by the Bulgarian Federation of Karting Sports and yet its homologated by the International Federation Kart CIK / FIA. Each kart is equipped with a transponder, whose transmitter by radio signal reflects the number of karting. Never stay on the start / finish line, she picks up the transponder signal and measured to an accuracy of every 1 / 1000 sec. This is the same technology and equipment as in Formula 1. Students must be 16 years of age or older to participate in this excursion.

Jeep Safari Adventure

Exploring the forest can be an exciting experience! This will be an exotic trip with jeeps through a unique natural environment. Some of the activities in this excursion include: air gun shooting, a picnic at the forest, dancing, games, visiting a picturesque forest reserve, crossing rivers, and visiting a Bulgarian village; admiring its lovely quaint houses with flower gardens and pets. A picnic lunch style will be provided. The menu includes appetizers and barbecue roasted on the fire, dessert, and soft drinks. There will also be traditional music playing for the campers to dance and have fun with.

Jeep Safari Adventure

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